New Prototype

New Prototype

It has been long… a long time since the blog has been updated. For the past few months our development work has suffered due to the pressure on us from the academic point of view.

Well, I did find time to develop a new prototype audio player. This player is just an experiment with the FMOD library. The FMOD library gives an array of functions to play audio and believe me their product is excellent. So here it is the very basic prototype player based on FMOD engine.

There is whole lot more to the FMOD library than just playing music, it is also has a DSP library to process the RAW data. A long way to go to discover all the features of this powerful library so watch out for further releases.

iAMP's Back!!


Well, iAMP’s back, I’ve decided to keep it as the default skin.. atleast for now… (by the way, the player does not have two stop buttons, I was too lazy to draw the pause button, so I just used the stop button as a substitute)

Newly Added features:

  • ID3v2x tag handling (Rohit, et. al.)
  • MPEG information reading
  • Real time tag editing!!! can even update the tag while the song is playing!!